The London Marathon’s Coming To Get Me: 9 weeks and counting!

Hello blogosphere. Long time, no speak. Turns out training for a marathon is time-consuming, who knew?! Alongside the day job, and having (just about) finished my Journalism exams, the rest of my time is taken up, running, talking about running, thinking about running, fundraising for running, meeting up with people to go running, eating healthily to help my running, Instagraming my running…and…you get the point! Basically, I have been living and breathing running since Christmas, and somehow I still feel underprepared and as though I am not doing enough!

Christmas & New Year for a Prospective Marathon Runner: All The Gear & No Idea!

A vast proportion of my Christmas list, such as it was, was taken up with running paraphernalia, in the hope that it would aid my transformation from a girl a doesn’t have a Scooby, to someone who at least looks the part of a marathon runner. The end result? All the gear, and, when it comes to running said marathon, still very little bloody idea!

When the Virgin Money London Marathon starts to get real…

It’s been a while since I last had the time to update, but quite a lot has happened. Or at least, quite a lot has happened in my running life.

Most significantly, over the last two weeks, I have officially started my marathon training plan, but more on that later, as I have another important marathon update.

The London Marathon has been my ambition, ever since I started running, however I told myself, I’d only push to do it when I found a charity I cared about passionately enough that I could support a cause I really believed in and have an incentive to properly motivate me for the training.

A Saturday first – Parkrun; early morning fun in the sun!

Saturday morning marked a first for me in several ways. Not only was I out of bed by 7.45am on a weekend, but I also attended my very first Parkrun, up at Hampstead Heath.

For those of you unfamiliar with Parkrun (if indeed such people still exist!) Parkrun is a “movement” manned by volunteers which organises free 5km park runs (…runs in the park…) at 9am on a Saturday morning, up and down the UK and around the world.

Oxford Half Marathon; New leggings, new attitude and a new personal best!

My first week of (f)unemployment took me to the New Forest for a few days of walking, cycling and harassing wild horses. Culminating, last Sunday, with the Oxford half marathon. Oxford appealed to me for two reasons, firstly because back in 2010 I lived there for a period of 3 months, but secondly and more importantly, because the Oxford half takes place on the same day as London Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Stampede London Zoo 10k: What not to do 7 days after walking 62 miles.

At some point over summer, I made a rash and not-entirely-well-thought-out decision to sign up for London Zoo’s Stampede 10k, which took place on Sunday 17th September – 7 days after my 100km charity walk. As I admitted in my last post, I had considerably underestimated what an epic challenge this 22hr 58minute 100km struggle would be.

How to walk 100km in 24 hours, and live to tell the tale…

In a moment of madness 6 months ago, my boyfriend and I signed up for the Thames Path Challenge on the 10th September; a 100km charity walk from Putney to Henley, that most people aim to complete within 24 hours. 10 days prior to this, my boyfriend fell off a climbing wall and badly sprained his ankle, and I was forced to accept that if I was going to be undertaking this epic challenge, I would be undertaking it alone.

Hiking, Climbing & Riding: A Bank Holiday Weekend in Snowdonia!

This post comes under the “incorporating a number of my other hobbies and interests” part of my blog. I’m hoping people won’t mind if I stray from talking solely about running on occasion to talk about outdoor pursuits, other sports, or any activity-based trips that I have been on.

When the going gets tough, the tough get…muddy?

Much to the bewilderment of the majority of people I know (and sometimes myself) my boyfriend and I opted to spend last Sunday morning up to our ears in mud, drenched from head to foot in filthy cold water, and acquiring cuts and bruises by the dozen.

Introducing: Sorry, I’ve got to run!

Today is a big day! I first registered this domain name back in May, spurred on by my two year Runniversary. However, despite my best intentions I never actually got around to putting fingers to keyboard…Until now.

Feeling hot, hot, half!

I’m not exactly well-known for my love of heat. In fact, evidence that the sun and I simply do not get along has been very much clear since my childhood, and peaked when I contracted sunstroke aged 13 whilst in Provence on the year 9 French exchange. Last Sunday my boyfriend (who, if I know one person even worse in the heat than me, is him!) and I were signed up to do the Hackney half marathon.