When the Virgin Money London Marathon starts to get real…

It’s been a while since I last had the time to update, but quite a lot has happened. Or at least, quite a lot has happened in my running life.

Most significantly, over the last two weeks, I have officially started my marathon training plan, but more on that later, as I have another important marathon update.

The London Marathon has been my ambition, ever since I started running, however I told myself, I’d only push to do it when I found a charity I cared about passionately enough that I could support a cause I really believed in and have an incentive to properly motivate me for the training.

A Saturday first – Parkrun; early morning fun in the sun!

Saturday morning marked a first for me in several ways. Not only was I out of bed by 7.45am on a weekend, but I also attended my very first Parkrun, up at Hampstead Heath.

For those of you unfamiliar with Parkrun (if indeed such people still exist!) Parkrun is a “movement” manned by volunteers which organises free 5km park runs (…runs in the park…) at 9am on a Saturday morning, up and down the UK and around the world.

Oxford Half Marathon; New leggings, new attitude and a new personal best!

My first week of (f)unemployment took me to the New Forest for a few days of walking, cycling and harassing wild horses. Culminating, last Sunday, with the Oxford half marathon. Oxford appealed to me for two reasons, firstly because back in 2010 I lived there for a period of 3 months, but secondly and more importantly, because the Oxford half takes place on the same day as London Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Stampede London Zoo 10k: What not to do 7 days after walking 62 miles.

At some point over summer, I made a rash and not-entirely-well-thought-out decision to sign up for London Zoo’s Stampede 10k, which took place on Sunday 17th September – 7 days after my 100km charity walk. As I admitted in my last post, I had considerably underestimated what an epic challenge this 22hr 58minute 100km struggle would be.

How to walk 100km in 24 hours, and live to tell the tale…

In a moment of madness 6 months ago, my boyfriend and I signed up for the Thames Path Challenge on the 10th September; a 100km charity walk from Putney to Henley, that most people aim to complete within 24 hours. 10 days prior to this, my boyfriend fell off a climbing wall and badly sprained his ankle, and I was forced to accept that if I was going to be undertaking this epic challenge, I would be undertaking it alone.

Hiking, Climbing & Riding: A Bank Holiday Weekend in Snowdonia!

This post comes under the “incorporating a number of my other hobbies and interests” part of my blog. I’m hoping people won’t mind if I stray from talking solely about running on occasion to talk about outdoor pursuits, other sports, or any activity-based trips that I have been on.

When the going gets tough, the tough get…muddy?

Much to the bewilderment of the majority of people I know (and sometimes myself) my boyfriend and I opted to spend last Sunday morning up to our ears in mud, drenched from head to foot in filthy cold water, and acquiring cuts and bruises by the dozen.

Introducing: Sorry, I’ve got to run!

Today is a big day! I first registered this domain name back in May, spurred on by my two year Runniversary. However, despite my best intentions I never actually got around to putting fingers to keyboard…Until now.

Feeling hot, hot, half!

I’m not exactly well-known for my love of heat. In fact, evidence that the sun and I simply do not get along has been very much clear since my childhood, and peaked when I contracted sunstroke aged 13 whilst in Provence on the year 9 French exchange. Last Sunday my boyfriend (who, if I know one person even worse in the heat than me, is him!) and I were signed up to do the Hackney half marathon.

10 reasons running makes me happy

1. Endorphins. This is the the primary reason running makes me so happy. I mean, it’s scientific fact. Running gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and people generally are a fan of things which make them feel good, right? Seriously though, running massively improves my mood, particularly if I’m in a bad one.