Introducing: Sorry, I’ve got to run!

Today is a big day! I first registered this domain name back in May, spurred on by my two year Runniversary. However, despite my best intentions I never actually got around to putting fingers to keyboard…Until now.

To introduce myself, in case you don’t already know, I’m a 20 something year old (For the record, I’m actually 29, I just like to say that while I still can!) running and writing enthusiast living in London.  Whilst I am an average indoor and outdoor runner, my particular specialty is running late!

I took up running during what was a difficult time for me, and it’s true to say that running  changed my life, giving me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, helping me rediscover my self-belief, push myself harder, and achieve the seemingly impossible. It is also true to say I have recently been experiencing more intense feelings of stress and anxiety than ever before, which in recent weeks (and to be honest months) have kept me from both my running and my writing, two things that are hugely important to me, on numerous occasions.

Last week, I took what at the time felt like a huge and scary decision, and handed in my notice at work. I’m leaving my job without a job to go to. Whilst that creates its own uncertainty, the overwhelming sense of relief I feel confirms I’ve made the right decision. And now finally…FINALLY…I have the time and mental space to progress with this blog.

At the start of this year I set myself some ambitious (at least for me) running goals:

  • A sub 50 minute 10k
  • A sub 2 hour half marathon
  • Complete 1 race a month (of at least 10k) for the next 12 months
  • And the big one, run a marathon. (Preferably London)

I originally intended this blog to document my progress as I strive towards achieving these objectives. But, I’m chilling out a little on this one. I’m hopeful objectives 1-3 can still be completed in a timely fashion, but number 4 may have to wait.

To put things in perspective, I work full-time,  doing postgraduate study, and ad hoc blogging/writing projects on the side. I have amazing friends, family, and a boyfriend (who is amazing too) and several interests outside of running and writing (believe it or not!). I therefore have the niggling feeling this is not the right time for another huge commitment in my life! (Duh)

With that in mind…I’m trying to be kind to myself. For that reason, I’m dedicating this blog to helping me fall back in love with both writing, and running. As long as that can happen, no time or distance pressure really matters.

This blog will document the trials and tribulations of an incredibly average runner and from time to time I will also incorporate a number of my other interests including alternative forms of exercise, food, travel and outdoor pursuits.

The posts already up here are posts I’ve written over the past year, which were hosted on another running site. However, the time feels right for me to bring things together in my own blog.  I hope you find something here that you like.

Thank you for reading, and see you at the finish line. But for now, sorry, I’ve got to run!

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2 year Runniversary medal collection.

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