South Coast Challenge – A story of pain, tears, and defeat.

It’s taken me a month to get round to writing this. Partially, yes, ┬ábecause I have been busy, but partially because I’m not very good at facing up to failure. I’ve sat down and started this post several times, before deciding that it’s more important I do this-that-and the other and putting it off yet again.

How to walk 100km in 24 hours, and live to tell the tale…

In a moment of madness 6 months ago, my boyfriend and I signed up for the Thames Path Challenge on the 10th September; a 100km charity walk from Putney to Henley, that most people aim to complete within 24 hours. 10 days prior to this, my boyfriend fell off a climbing wall and badly sprained his ankle, and I was forced to accept that if I was going to be undertaking this epic challenge, I would be undertaking it alone.

Hiking, Climbing & Riding: A Bank Holiday Weekend in Snowdonia!

This post comes under the “incorporating a number of my other hobbies and interests” part of my blog. I’m hoping people won’t mind if I stray from talking solely about running on occasion to talk about outdoor pursuits, other sports, or any activity-based trips that I have been on.